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    By ANN ROBERTSON and BILL LEUMER [Note: The article below was first published in the October 14, 2019, issue of CounterPunch magazine. It is reprinted here with the authors’ permission.] The Manifesto of the Communist Party by Marx and Engels famously begins with: “The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles.” The United States is no exception, although for many decades it was depicted as a classless society. Later they add: “The ruling ideas of [...]
  • IN THIS DOSSIER ON THE U.S. WORKING CLASS AND THE 2020 ELECTIONS (Editorial and three articles reprinted from the February 2020 issue of The Organizer Newspaper) (1) Editorial: Democratic Party Crisis Deepens by the Day, New Openings for Independent Working Class Politics (2) The U.S. Labor Movement and the 2020 Elections — by The Editors (3) “It’s About the Economy, Stupid!”: Trump and the “Success” of the U.S. Economy — by The Editors (4) 2019: A Year of Mounting Resistance to [...]
  • IN THIS DOSSIER: (1) Louisa Hanoune Has Been Freed! —  reprinted from Issue No. 226‚ February 12, 2020 — of Tribune des Travailleurs, the weekly newspaper of the Democratic Independent Workers Party of France, POID (2) Communiqué of the IWC Coordinators — 11 February 2020 (3) The Fight Continues to Free ALL Political Prisoners: “Unconditional Release of All Prisoners of Conscience!” — January 29, 2020 * * * * * * * * * * (1) ALGERIA: Louisa Hanoune Has [...]