French Strike Wave Deepens, Destabilizes Powers-That-Be

La Tribune des Travailleurs (Workers Tribune) 

Tuesday, 10 December 2019 @ 2 p.m.

Special Daily Supplement to Issue no. 217

Editorial: “More Than Ever: Withdraw the Draft Law!”

This morning, 10 December, after mass meetings and delegate meetings held throughout the country decided to continue the strike action, and while marches by thousands of demonstrators once again hit the streets across the country, from the smallest communes to the biggest urban districts, and while the demand “Withdraw the Macron-Delevoye Plan” appears more widely on placards and banners…Macron declared that he does not sense any “great concern” in the country regarding his counter-reform.

He is the only one!

Because apart from him, everybody is showing concern! Beginning with his own government ministers, who are leaking their disagreements to the press, between those who think they should hold out to the end and those who are hoping that there is still time to make an orderly retreat. The bosses are also showing concern. In fact, [employers’ organisation] MEDEF has just issued a warning to Macron which can be summarised as follows: through dithering and contradictory announcements, you will end up creating an uncontrollable situation…

Macron doesn’t sense any concern… And yet, the same day he delivered this penetrating analysis, the New York Times, the well-known daily newspaper of the capitalist class in the United States, published an opinion piece entitled: “Fury in France”. The sub-heading posed the following question: “Could the latest round of strikes spell the beginning of the end for Emmanuel Macron?

The article said: “France is paralyzed. Since a general strike began on Thursday, planes have been grounded, mail delivery stopped and schools closed, and trains remain in their depots. Even lawyers are staying home. Some 800,000 people took to the street across the country last Thursday, and another major demonstration is planned for today as the strike continues. As one participant put it to the French newspaper Mediapart, the mass mobilizations are meant as a rebuke to “Macron and his world”.

Macron doesn’t sense any concern… But the concern of millions of workers and young people is indeed there, not only expressed in the streets, but also expressed in the mass meetings and delegate meetings where the decision to strike is being taken and confirmed. Today, once again, hundreds of thousands of people have marched. Tomorrow, the Prime Minister will speak. And then what?

One of the thousands of banners being waved today – the inter-union banner leading the march in Perpignan – said: “No to points-based pensions, full stop!

More than ever: Withdraw the draft law!

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