The Organizer

The Organizer is the publication of Socialist Organizer, the U.S. fraternal section of the Fourth International. Since we began publication of The Organizer in February 1991, we have focused the newspaper on helping to advance the struggle for independent political action by the working class and all the oppressed — at home and abroad.

That focus governs all the activity of Socialist Organizer. It is the reason behind our persistent advocacy of a Labor Party based on the trade unions and rooted in struggles of the working class and all the oppressed sectors of society, a Labor Party that charts a clean and decisive break with the twin parties of the bosses, the Democrats and Republicans.

Consistent with this view, The Organizer is a forum that is open to all individual and currents in the workers’ movement seeking to build a Labor Party and a Workers’ International.

The Organizer (ISSN 1059-2369) is published bimonthly for $16 per year by The Organizer, P.O. Box 40009, San Francisco, CA 94103. Please email to subscribe and/or receive a free copy of The Organizer.