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Tag Archives: teachers

Teachers Mobilize Across Mexico to Oppose Privatization “Reforms”

MEXICO CITY — The human tidal wave that swept the nation’s capital on September 4 put forward its clear demands and aspirations, which are: Defend teachers’ jobs! Leaders of the CNTE: Assume your responsibility and convene a National Congress of elected delegates from all the schools! For free State schools! For a Union independent of […]

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On the Eve of the 2012 Elections, What Way Forward for the Working Class and All Oppressed Peoples?

What a difference four years can make. Four years ago, millions of working people — filled with hope that real change and tangible improvements in their daily lives would come about — mobilized in huge campaign rallies and at the polling booths to support the first Black president of the United States. Finally, they hoped, […]

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Solidarity Can Help Ensure Victory for the Chicago Teachers’ Strike

The strike is undeniably one of the most significant labor struggles in decades. What is at stake is not only the working conditions of Chicago teachers but also their job security and preservation of their union. Moreover, the teachers are fighting for the survival of public education in the face of the campaign being waged […]

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Fight Against Budget Cuts in California Faces Big Obstacles

A promising fight for a real Millionaires Tax and against all cuts and concessions in California’s public education system has been subverted by the Democratic Party governor in collaboration with the leadership of the California Labor Federation, and now all efforts to organize a fightack are being channeled into the November 6 electIons. On March […]

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Editorial: Chicago Teachers Union Draws the Line Against Cuts and Concessions!

For more than 18 months, the leadership of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has been fighting against the cuts and concessions demanded by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s right-hand man and former chief of staff. The CTU leadership was part of a rank-and-file caucus (CORE) that was voted into office on a platform that rejected […]

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