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Tag Archives: racism

“Why did they shoot me?” Trenton, NJ, teen shot seven times by cops

A Trenton, NJ, teen remains in stable condition more than a week after police shot him while he was fleeing. Radazz Hearns was shot 7 times in the buttocks and legs by a Mercer County Sherif’s Deputy and a NJ State Trooper who were allegedly responding to a report of gunfire in the area. Witnesses […]

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Charleston: Call It What It Is — A Racist Terrorist Attack!

On Wednesday, June 17, a white nationalist and neo-confederate extremist murdered nine Black people in Charleston, South Carolina’s historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. The shooter, Dylann Storm Roof, gunned down six women and three men during evening bible study, stating, “you rape our women and you’re taking over our country.” One of the […]

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Philadelphia: A History of Racism, Repression and Struggle

Philadelphia, PA was the first major city in what was to become the United States. Early on, the city’s Black population, both free and slave, was substantial. Escaped slaves came to Pennsylvania, seeing the state as a refuge from southern slaveholders having outlawed slavery in 1780. In the 100 years spanning 1790-1890, the Black population […]

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FERGUSON UPRISING CONTINUES Weekend of Protests Planned for Oct. 10-13

By JIM HAYS St. LOUIS — The mass uprising caused by the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, is continuing and growing. Large meetings and protest actions are taking place almost every day or night. Ferguson is one of 90 suburbs, large and small, surrounding the old City of St. Louis on the […]

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Importantes diferencias de posicionamientos empiezan a desarrollarse en el movimiento sindical acerca del bombardeo y bloqueo a Gaza por Israel

Estados Unidos de Norteamérica: Importantes diferencias de posicionamientos empiezan a desarrollarse en el movimiento sindical acerca del bombardeo y bloqueo a Gaza por Israel Extractos de Socialist Organizer Por Alan Benjamin (26  de Agosto de 2014) Una situación nueva está apareciendo en el movimiento sindical norteamericano, consecuencia de los bombardeos y ataques terrestres llevados a […]

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Film Review: Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station is a semi-fictional dramatization of the last day of Oscar Grant’s life. As such, it has been criticized by some for taking poetic license; for embellishing facts and adding details to make Oscar Grant a tragic movie hero, rather than portraying an actual person and the facts and political controversy surrounding his death. […]

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Killing the Illusion of a Post-Racial America

The acquittal of George Zimmerman by a Sanford, Fla. jury has sparked demonstrations across the country and has shown the claim that the US has become a post-racial society to be a lie. The jury’s decision comes weeks after the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, struck down a provision of the Voting Rights Act […]

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Why Racism Began and How to End It

Racism was originated to justify and preserve a slave-labor system that operated in the interests of capitalism in its pre-industrialist stages, and it was retained in slightly modified form by industrial capitalism after slavery became an obstacle to the further development of capitalism and had to be abolished. Few things in the world are more […]

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Some Reflections on “Oppressor Countries”, “Oppressed Countries”, Imperialism and the National Question

In mid-April, the government of Argentina carried out a partial renationalisation of the oil company YPF, formerly a national company that had been privatised in 1992, with a majority share owned by a Spanish company. It was not a revolutionary operation, an expropriation. No, the Argentinian state simply secured itself the majority share (51 percent) […]

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The Case of Anna Brown

Anna Brown — a 29-year-old Black, homeless, mother of two children — died in a Richmond Heights jail cell as a result of racism, class exploitation, sexism, and the lack of a national health care system; all destructive arms of the monster that is the system in which we live today. Her story is resounding […]

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