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Introduction to Socialism


  The world today is in a mess. Look at your neighborhood and look at the world. We are facing the worst economic depression since the 1930s. Everyday we see more war, more budget cuts, and more environmental destruction. The rich get richer and the poor poorer. The following facts speak for themselves: • 2.5 […]

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The Case for a Revolutionary Socialist Party

One question immediately confronts anybody who has come to the conclusion that inequality, war, racism, sexism, and all forms of oppression can only be eliminated through eliminating capitalism: How can this monumental task be achieved? This article will make the case that a revolutionary socialist party based on the Marxist program is absolutely needed to […]

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What Makes S.O. Different Than Other Groups?

Many people ask us, “What makes your organization different from other socialist organizations? Why can’t you all join together?” We agree think that all organizations and activists should nevertheless try to work together around the specific projects and demands that they agree on. Unity around concrete actions is key. But merging all socialists together today […]

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Why Should You Join Socialist Organizer?

By learning our program and joining in Socialist Organizer, the U.S. section of the Fourth International, you can become a more effective activist today because instead of improvising, you’ll be basing your actions on the bedrock of past lessons of struggle. By organizing on a scientific, long-term perspective on how to win social justice, you […]

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