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Just Say No to Obama’s and the Democrats’ Trade Deals

In reference to the ongoing debate over the plusses and minuses of the so-called “Free Trade Deals” that the Obama administration seems intent on expanding, one cannot help but think of a rather trenchant observation frequently attributed to Mark Twain who allegedly noted that: “There are lies, ‘damned lies,’ and statistics.” Clearly, that seemed to […]

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What’s Behind the Assault on Civil Liberties in the United States? (Pt. 2)

Following is Part 2 of the 2-part series by Scott Cooper on what lies behind the ongoing assault on democratic rights in the United States that began in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001, and that has intensified in the nearly dozen years since. In Part 1, Cooper took us up […]

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What’s Behind the Assault on Civil Liberties in the United States? (Pt. 1)

In the aftermath of yet another revelation of spying by the U.S. government on American citizens, the editorial board of The Organizer asked long-time socialist journalist and activist Scott Cooper to write a comprehensive article to enable our readers to understand what lies behind the ongoing assault on democratic rights in the United States that […]

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Hands Off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid! For a National March on Washington August 24!

On April 10 President Barack Obama announced his budget for 2014, which includes proposals for $230 billion in cuts to Social Security and $400 billion in cuts to Medicare over the next 10 years. The budget’s total “savings,” Obama said, are necessary to reduce the nation’s deficit. This was the first time that a Democratic […]

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The Anti-Imperialist Struggle After the Death of Hugo Chavez

  With cries of “Chavez Lives, The Struggle Continues!” millions of people across Venezuela mobilized in the streets, expressing their refusal to become a vassal of the multinational corporations and bankers, or to see their oil, the country’s main natural resource, handed over to U.S. imperialism, as occurred in the past, by a local elite […]

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The Organizer DOSSIER: Obama’s State of the Union Address and The Fight for an Independent Labor Movement

In This Issue: 1) In the Aftermath of Obama’s State of the Union Address: Just Say No to the Cuts in Social Programs and to “Shared Sacrifice”! 2) The Reasons Behind Obama’s “Progressive” Speech, And Just How “Progressive” Was It Anyway? 3) Obama and Foreign Policy: War on Workers at Home and Abroad 4) Open […]

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On the Eve of the 2012 Elections, What Way Forward for the Working Class and All Oppressed Peoples?

What a difference four years can make. Four years ago, millions of working people — filled with hope that real change and tangible improvements in their daily lives would come about — mobilized in huge campaign rallies and at the polling booths to support the first Black president of the United States. Finally, they hoped, […]

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Entrevista con Nancy Wohlforth

Esta entrevista con Nancy Wohlforth, miembro de la Comisión Ejecutiva Nacional de la AFL-CIO se realizó para el boletín del Acuerdo, el 16 de abril de 2011 por Daniel Gluckstein, co-coordinador del Acuerdo Internacional de los Trabajadores y de los Pueblos (Acuerdo). La compañera Nancy Wohlforth es miembro también del Comité de coordinación del Acuerdo recientemente formado.

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