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Mexicali Binational Conference A Success

The US and Mexican sections of the Fourth International held their annual binational conference in Mexicali, Baja California on July 27-28. This year’s conference was the largest one yet — about 50 people participated, mostly youth, some as young as 14 years old. It was an inspiring opportunity for comrades from the two sections to […]

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Defend the Argentinean Nation, Defend Latin America, Cancel the Foreign Debt!

In 2001, after almost 40 years of economic suffering and penury, the Argentinean republic defaulted in its $100 billion sovereign foreign debt. It was the biggest default in modern capitalist history and the biggest since the German default after World War I. Much of the debt was “odious debt” — meaning that it was unlawful […]

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Where Is Venezuela Going?

On 14 April 2013, after fourteen years of successive governments led by Hugo Chavez, who was first appointed national President in 1998, Venezuela experienced the most closely-run presidential election ever, in which Nicolas Maduro, the candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the party set up by Chavez, was opposed by Henrique Capriles, […]

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Across the Country: Unity and Democracy to Repeal the Fare Hikes! Thousands upon thousands of young people have taken to the streets in recent days in mass protests in several cities across Brazil. This wave of protest highlights a serious matter: The youth can no longer bear a situation where public transit (metro, buses, trains) […]

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Down With the Coup: We Support the People of Paraguay

The Paraguayan Senate June 22 completed a coup d’etat in deposing the elected president, Fernando Lugo, during a 32-hour farce of a “constitutional trial.” Only nine months away from the next elections, the formal accusations against Lugo — allowing demonstrations by the army’s youth, subjecting the military to the”carperos” (landless workers), doing little to fight […]

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