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The Labor Fightback Conference and the Birth of the Labor Fightback Network

Rutgers Solidarity Ring

Conference organizers are happy to report the conference was a success. Around 100 union and community activists attended. [See below for a list of the unions and community organizations represented.] The conference, held at the New Brunswick, New Jersey campus of Rutgers University opened on the evening of May 10. 2013 with the reading of […]

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Should Labor and Immigrant Rights’ Activists Support the New “Guest-Worker” Proposals?

Immigration Protest @ US Citizenship:Immigration Services

A compromise reached at the end of March 2013 by the “Gang of Eight” — a bipartisan group of Senators working on “immigration reform” — would create a new “W-visa” program, slated to begin in 2015. Immigrants who work in lesser-skilled non-agricultural jobs, such as janitors, retail, construction workers and hospitality employees would be eligible […]

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The Immigrant Community after Obama’s First Term: From Record Deportations to Deferred Action


First and foremost, we must be clear on the fact that Obama’s immigration policy has not only failed to heed the mandate of Latinos for papers for all, but it has completely devastated the immigrant community through raids and deportations. The New York Times reported in June 2012 that Obama had deported a record 400,000 […]

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A más de un año de la promulgación de la Ley SB1070, considerada la más dura en materia de inmigración en toda la historia, se visto que Estados Unidos se aproxima paso a paso a políticas migratorias similares a la de Arizona. Pese a la represión silenciosa y cruel del Presidente Obama sobre los trabajadores […]

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Homenaje a Gemma: Presentación de la c. Gemma López Limón ante el Foro-Debate: ¿Que Tipo de Reforma Migratoria Queremos? (30 de abril de 2010, Capitolio, Sacramento, Calif.)

gemma lopez

Estimad@s compañer@s: Les mandamos a continuación la transcripción de la presentación de la c. Gemma López Limón ante el Foro-Debate realizado en la ciudad de Sacramento, California el 30 de abril del 2010 sobre Reforma Migratoria. También les enviamos adjunto la foto de la c. Gemma tomada en este foro-debate en Sacramento. Les mandamos esta […]

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A diferencia de los años anteriores, este 1 de Mayo 2011 se caracterizó por expresiones de repudio al gobierno del Partido Demócrata encabezado por el Presidente Barack Obama bajo el grito: ¡OBAMA ESCUCHA, ESTAMOS EN LA LUCHA! El rechazo al Partido Demócrata y al Presidente Obama fue acompañado de procesos de ruptura con la influencia […]

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Immigrants Rights: Has Obama Delivered?


Latino voters played a crucial role in the election of Barack Obama in 2008. The mandate of their vote was clear: legalize the undocumented and stop the ICE raids, deportations, and governmental repression. But Obama has so far betrayed this mandate. The New York Times reported on the sad-state of Obama’s immigration policies in an […]

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