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The Labor Fightback Conference and the Birth of the Labor Fightback Network

Conference organizers are happy to report the conference was a success. Around 100 union and community activists attended. [See below for a list of the unions and community organizations represented.] The conference, held at the New Brunswick, New Jersey campus of Rutgers University opened on the evening of May 10. 2013 with the reading of […]

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The Meaning of the Jan. 1 “Fiscal Cliff” Agreement

 [The following interview with Alan Benjamin, editor of the The Organizer newspaper, was first published in the ILC International Newsletter, Issue No. 108 on January 18, 2013.]   Question: Please tell us about the last-minute “fiscal cliff” agreement between Obama and the Republican leadership?   Answer: For close to 18 months now, Democrats and Republicans have been wrangling […]

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Expose the Hoax! Save Social Security, Medicare!

A gigantic hoax is being perpetrated on the American people. The hoax is that in the foreseeable future Social Security and Medicare will go bust unless drastic cuts in benefits are adopted. The goal is to ensure that the working class and low-income people pay through the nose if these two programs are to be […]

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The Question to be Decided: Shall Health Care Be Regarded as a Basic Human Right or as a For-Profit Multi-Billion Dollar Business?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), having been upheld by the Supreme Court, contains a number of very positive features. But there are yawning gaps in its coverage of enormous proportions. When fully implemented, it will still leave 27 million uninsured, and that number could be much larger with the Court’s having made expanded Medicaid coverage […]

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The Case of Anna Brown

Anna Brown — a 29-year-old Black, homeless, mother of two children — died in a Richmond Heights jail cell as a result of racism, class exploitation, sexism, and the lack of a national health care system; all destructive arms of the monster that is the system in which we live today. Her story is resounding […]

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