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Dossier on Greek Elections and the Fight Against Austerity and the EU

DOSSIER ON GREECE IN THIS MESSAGE: 1) “After the Elections of January 25” — by Dominique Ferré (reprinted from Issue No. 336, January 28, of Informations Ouvrières [Labor News], weekly newspaper of the Independent Workers Party / POI of France) BACKGROUND ARTICLES 2) “Early Legislative Elections Will Be Held January 25, Now What?” — by […]

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La XIII Convención Nacional de Socialist Organizer, Sección Estadounidense de la Cuarta Internacional (julio 18 a 20 de 2014)

[Parte de la delegación a la convención Organizador Socialista] Presentación Por Alan Benjamin La XIII Convención Nacional de Socialist Organizer, sección estadounidense de la IV Internacional, comenzó el 18 de julio de 2014, diez días después del inicio de los bombardeos intensos perpetrados por el Estado de Israel contra el pueblo palestino en Gaza. Esta […]

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Full Dossier: The Political Situation in France and the Activity of the French Section of the Fourth International

IN THIS SPECIAL DOSSIER ON FRANCE 1. Presentation — by Alan Benjamin 2. Statement Adopted by the International Secretariat of the Fourth International (January 14-15, 2015) 3. Articles and statements published in Informations Ouvrières, the weekly newspaper of the Independent Workers Party of France (POI) a.  Call Issued by the Executive Board of the Paris […]

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What Is the Meaning of Obama’s “Normalization” of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba and the Partial Lifting of the Embargo?

Decision comes after more than 53 years of military, economic and diplomatic attempts by the U.S. government to overturn the revolutionary process in Cuba   On December 17, 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama announced the “normalization” of diplomatic relations with Cuba and the lifting of several restrictions on personal, economic and financial activities imposed by […]

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Has Lame-Duck Obama Suddenly Become a “Progressive”?

In the aftermath of the November 4 midterm elections, with both houses of Congress now firmly in the grip of the Republicans, President Obama took a number of “executive actions” that have led many in the media to herald Obama’s “new courage” to implement a progressive agenda. “Democrats learned a lesson during the 2014 midterms […]

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What the U.S. Labor Movement Should Be Demanding in Relation to Mexico

On the eve of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s January 6 meeting in Washington with President Barack Obama, the business press ran a series of articles lamenting the fact that the scandals and recent killings of students in Mexico had “spoiled” the pledges to “reform” Mexico’s economy made only one year earlier by Peña Nieto. […]

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Chris Christie Continues Attack on Public Worker Pensions

In an end-of-the-year review, the Crooks and Liars website named NJ Governor Chris Christie the most corrupt politician of 2014. His offenses include the Bridgegate scandal, misappropriation of Sandy Relief funds and the packing of the Port Authority with political cronies. Perhaps the worst act of the sitting Governor is the way he has mishandled […]

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Murder of Two Cops in New York City Leads To Calls for the Movement to Step Back

[photo of Monday night march organized despite Mayor de Blasio's plea of no demonstrations] Following police murders of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner in New York, there have been unprecedented sustained mobilizations across the US for police accountability. The uprising in Ferguson, after the killing of Michael Brown, was met with a […]

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MEXICO UPDATE: Chilpancingo Confrontation; Report from El Trabajo Newspaper, more…

… Damning Report in Proceso Magazine Claims Mexican Federal Police Participated In Disappearance Of 43 Students (from Huffington Post) TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 – LAST MINUTE: Federal Police Assault Students/Parents in Chilpancingo, Leaving 22 People Seriously Injured 2 – MEXICO UPDATE from EL TRABAJO NEWSPAPER 3 – Damning Report in Proceso Magazine Claims Mexican Federal […]

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Newsletter of the S. African/Azanian Section of the Fourth International

The Labour Movement at a Turning Point The labour movement in our country is going though momentous developments which will have deep and lasting consequences for the struggle of the Black working class, for the future of South Africa. We are convinced they will also have consequences for the international struggles of the world working […]

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