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In the Name of the Fight Against Terrorism, Turkey Is Drawn Into the Chaos of War

[Note: The following article is reprinted from issue No. 323, October 15, 2014, of Informations Ouvrières / Labor News, the weekly newspaper of the Independent Workers Party (POI) of France. It was written by a correspondent in Turkey.]   At the NATO Summit on September 4-5, U.S. President Barack Obama demanded that its “European allies” […]

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(Re-)reading notes The discussion on the Transitional Programme

The French section of the Fourth International (the Internationalist Communist Current of the Independent Workers Party) recently republished the Transitional Programme, the programme of the Fourth International, drafted by Leon Trotsky for the founding conference (held in September 1938). This republication was first of all a response to a practical need, as the previous edition […]

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The Mexican nation under threat of disintegration

The Mexican nation under threat of disintegration By Luis Zapata 1. The Mexican nation under increased pressure from US imperialism Both chambers of Mexico’s parliament recently approved a total of 21 “secondary laws” as part of the “reform” of the energy sector launched in December 2013. So far, these laws represent the highpoint of the […]

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Brazil’s Popular Referendum: A Massive “Yes” for a Sovereign Constituent Assembly!

The newspaper of the O Trabalho current of the Brazilian Workers Party (PT) published the day after the Popular Referendum for a Sovereign Constituent Assembly draws a first assessment of this event, which saw several million workers, peasants and young people vote massively throughout Brazil in favor of convening a Constituent Assembly. Following are excerpts from the […]

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Importantes diferencias de posicionamientos empiezan a desarrollarse en el movimiento sindical acerca del bombardeo y bloqueo a Gaza por Israel

Estados Unidos de Norteamérica: Importantes diferencias de posicionamientos empiezan a desarrollarse en el movimiento sindical acerca del bombardeo y bloqueo a Gaza por Israel Extractos de Socialist Organizer Por Alan Benjamin (26  de Agosto de 2014) Una situación nueva está apareciendo en el movimiento sindical norteamericano, consecuencia de los bombardeos y ataques terrestres llevados a […]

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Ukraine: From East to West, a Strong Rejection of the War in the Donbass Region

How long will the ceasefire agreement last between the Ukrainian government, on the one hand, and the “separatist” militias in the region of Donbass (east), on the other? The agreement was signed September 5 following a Russian proposal. One thing is certain, those political powers (U.S. government, NATO, European Union, etc.) that on May 25 […]

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Defying the democrats: Marxists and the lost labor party of 1923

[This essay was originally posted at http://johnriddell.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/defying-the-democrats-marxists-and-the-lost-labor-party-of-1923/] September 10, 2014 By Eric Blanc (eblanc17 [at] gmail.com). Discussions on how to break working people from the hold of the Democratic Party have acquired a new immediacy as a result of the recent electoral victories of independent working-class candidates in Seattle, Washington, and Lorraine, Ohio, as well […]

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Continued Inroads on Palestinian Lands by Israeli State

[reprinted from Issue No. 318 (Sept. 10, 2014) of Informations Ouvrières (Labor News), the weekly newspaper of the Independent Workers Party of France. The translation is by The Organizer newspaper.]   Since the end of the Israeli bombings of Gaza in late August, the media have been silent on the situation facing the Palestinian people […]

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100 Years After World War I: Special Double Issue of La Vérité/The Truth

Dear Readers and Supporters of The Organizer Newspaper, We are proud to announce the publication of a Special Double Issue (No. 82, 688 Old Series) of La Vérité/The Truth, the theoretical magazine of the Fourth International. This Special Issue includes 11 articles on the meaning of 1914 and its lessons for today. We are including […]

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Important Fissures Develop in U.S. Labor Movement Over Israel’s Bombings and Blockade of Gaza

A new situation is developing in the U.S. labor movement in the aftermath of the U.S.-funded Israeli bombing and ground onslaught against Gaza and its people — an onslaught which to date has killed more than 2,000 Palestinians (largely women and children), left more than 9,500 severely injured, rendered up to 400,000 people homeless, and […]

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