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All Out to Defend Planned Parenthood!

The current attack on Planned Parenthood (PP) is the latest round in the assault on women’s reproductive health. A right-wing group calling itself the Center for Medical Progress produced a bogus video purporting to show Planned Parenthood illegally selling fetal tissue. This has sparked a wave of fake outrage by GOP presidential candidates and rightist […]

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Reactions Among Workers Who Voted for Jeremy Corbyn in British Labour Party Leadership Elections

(Part 1) After the Results of the Elections for the Labour Party Leadership Were Announced Reactions Among the Workers Who Voted for Jeremy Corbyn [Photo right: Corbyn addressing the mass rally in defense of Refugees fleeing war] LONDON – It was nearly noon on Saturday 12 September when the press release hit the wires: Jeremy […]

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Record Abstentions in Sept. 20 Greek Elections Deny Tsipras a Mandate to Implement Austerity

ATHENS — The mass abstentions in the September 20 legislative elections in Greece reached record levels, dealing a blow to any claim by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that he has a mandate to implement the austerity measures demanded by the European Union and the Troika (IMF, European Central Bank, and European Commission). More than 45% […]

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Sanders Surges in Polls, But Is He an Alternative?

Bernie Sanders has made dramatic gains in opinion polls against his main opponent, Hillary Clinton. In New Hampshire, he is 9 percentage points ahead of Clinton with 41% compared to Clinton’s 32%. In Iowa, Sanders has gained a slight lead over Clinton. Sanders’ popularity with liberals, youth, and union members continues to confound Clinton’s presidential […]

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From Ferguson to Charleston – A Year of Struggle and Rebellion EDITORIAL

The murder of Michael Brown last year sparked the beginning of a mass upsurge against police violence based on the assertion that Black Lives Matter. Looking back, the past year has been one of mass mobilizations and rebellions. A new civil rights movement is taking shape, and there can be no business as usual until […]

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Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

There have been a lot of references to GOP presidential contender Donald Trump being a “fascist” on social media. We should exercise some caution in using this term to refer to “the Donald.” Certainly, this “Trump as fascist” theme has gained some credibility with the endorsement of David Duke, former Grand Dragon of the KKK, […]

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Avoiding the Lesser-Evil Trap

In every U.S. election cycle liberals, and some on the left, tell us that we have to vote for the “lesser-evil,” which mainly translates as a call for a vote for Democrats in order to “stop the ultraright.” Reformist socialists in the laughably misnamed Communist Party USA advise us that we have to defeat the […]

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“Why did they shoot me?” Trenton, NJ, teen shot seven times by cops

A Trenton, NJ, teen remains in stable condition more than a week after police shot him while he was fleeing. Radazz Hearns was shot 7 times in the buttocks and legs by a Mercer County Sherif’s Deputy and a NJ State Trooper who were allegedly responding to a report of gunfire in the area. Witnesses […]

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VOICES FROM GREECE: “The Course Taken by the Tsipras Government Subverts the Mandate of the Greek People!”

The massive “NO” vote in the July 5 referendum in Greece represented a massive victory for the Greek people on behalf of the workers and peoples throughout Europe. This result was not a given beforehand. Just three days earlier, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had considered cancelling the referendum. There was pressure from every quarter, […]

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No Compromises: No Fast Track, No TPP, No Way!

An editorial in the June 20 San Francisco Chronicle welcomed President Obama to San Francisco for the U.S. Mayor’s Conference and then went on to urge “out-of-touch” Democrats in Congress to support the latest deal concocted by the White House and the Republicans that offers job benefits to workers who lose their jobs as a […]

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