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Tag Archives: education

Montreal Student Movement Convention Stresses Need for Student Unionism

“Growing international student movement with the perspective of struggle points the way forward in the fight for public education” Attacks on public education are taking place at an unprecedented level across the county, and much of the world. From school closures and standardized testing in K-12 education to skyrocketing tuition and student debt at the […]

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Missouri Politicians Dismantle Public School Districts

All the employees in the Normandy School District in North St. Louis County, Missouri, will be terminated on June 31. They will lose their tenure, salary, and benefits. Only a few may be hired back in the fall when the state-appointed “Normandy School Collaborative” takes over and abolishes the whole school district along with its […]

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The Trinational Coalition in Defense of Public Education holds 11th Biennial Conference

CHICAGO — Teachers, students and community activists from across North America converged on Chicago May 9-11 to analyze the global attacks on public education and develop strategies for fighting against them. The conference was held by the Trinational Coalition in Defense of Public Education at the University of Illinois Chicago campus. The coalition was founded […]

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What Now for City College of San Francisco After the Court Injunction?

After many months of grassroots mobilization to save City College of San Francisco (CCSF), a Superior Court judge has granted a partial injunction that bars the ACCJC (Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges) from finalizing any plans to terminate the school’s accreditation. This is the first major victory in the fight to save CCSF […]

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Teachers Mobilize Across Mexico to Oppose Privatization “Reforms”

MEXICO CITY — The human tidal wave that swept the nation’s capital on September 4 put forward its clear demands and aspirations, which are: Defend teachers’ jobs! Leaders of the CNTE: Assume your responsibility and convene a National Congress of elected delegates from all the schools! For free State schools! For a Union independent of […]

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How to Save City College

The ACCJC accreditation commission’s announcement that it plans on revoking City College of San Francisco’s accreditation in 2014 has been met with widespread outrage. On July 9, about 5,000 people marched on the Department of Education, calling on it to save CCSF by refusing to renew the ACCJC’s license to operate, which expires at the end of […]

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Congressional Proposals Offer Little Hope to Those Drowning in Student Loan Debt

The interest rate on some federally subsidized student loans is set to double from 3.4 to 6.8 percent on July 1, unless Congress passes legislation preventing the increase. However, no deal has been reached, and Congress has adjourned for the fourth of July holiday. Several pieces of legislation have been introduced to deal with the […]

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Socialist Organizer Southern Indiana Branch Endorsement of the IU Strike

The Southern Indiana Branch of Socialist Organizer, the United States section of the Fourth International, stands in complete solidarity with the students, teachers and staff of Indiana University in support of the IU-system wide strike scheduled for April 11-12. Our members stand together in solidarity with our fellow comrades of the Industrial Workers of the […]

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From the US and Spain: A Call to All to Defend Public Education!

  More than a decade of cuts, mass layoffs, and dwindling financial aid have decimated public education systems all over the world. The gains of decades of struggle aimed at making public education accessible to all have been erased in a matter of years. The results are public universities so expensive and inaccessible that education […]

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Don’t Let the 1% Dismantle CCSF!

We all want to save City College of San Francisco (CCSF). But how can this be done? Influential forces from above say that the only way to save CCSF is to accept drastic cuts to our school. The ACCJC accreditation, CCSF administrators, and Board of Trustees (including the student trustee)  are cynically using the threat of […]

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