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CHINA: “Workers want a better trade union”

The Association for the Defense of Worker Rights, in favour of trade union independence, considers that the ACFTU union so called “official” – because it is the only one legally recognized by the authorities – can regain the confidence of workers if it improves itself by learning from the international trade union movement. We are […]

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After the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party…

La Vérité-The Truth recently published in two parts an article (1) examining the social nature of the Chinese state, and the political problems posed today in China by the activity of the working class when linked with the consequences for the Chinese government of the global crisis of the capitalist system and the policy being […]

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The Chinese Working Class, the Bureaucracy and Obama’s “American Pivot to Asia”: Part Two

In the first part of this article (1), we tried to demonstrate that, contrary to what is being said on all sides, capitalism has not been re-established in China. On the contrary, currently China is displaying to the highest degree the contradictions analysed by Trotsky in relation to the USSR. As explained in a resolution […]

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The Chinese Working Class, the Bureaucracy and Obama’s “American Pivot to Asia”: Part One

Xi Jinping is being presented as the man who is sure to become the next General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and head of state. He paid an official visit to Washington in mid-February 2012. Dan Blumenthal, a former United States official in charge of US-China relations, describes the hopes of the US administration […]

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