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Chicago Teachers Point the Way Forward in the Fight to Stop Cuts and Concessions

It was a strike that was not supposed to happen — at least not from the point of view of the Democratic Party machine and the top national leadership of the American Federation of Teachers. With only a few months left before the presidential election, at a time when the Democrats had featured Chicago Mayor […]

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Solidarity Can Help Ensure Victory for the Chicago Teachers’ Strike

The strike is undeniably one of the most significant labor struggles in decades. What is at stake is not only the working conditions of Chicago teachers but also their job security and preservation of their union. Moreover, the teachers are fighting for the survival of public education in the face of the campaign being waged […]

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Fight Against Budget Cuts in California Faces Big Obstacles

A promising fight for a real Millionaires Tax and against all cuts and concessions in California’s public education system has been subverted by the Democratic Party governor in collaboration with the leadership of the California Labor Federation, and now all efforts to organize a fightack are being channeled into the November 6 electIons. On March […]

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