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Tag Archives: austerity

First Reactions Inside Greece to the “Reform Program” Approved by the Eurogroup

[Note: The following article is reprinted from Issue No. 341 (March 5, 2015) of Informations Ouvrières (Labor News), the weekly newspaper of the Independent Workers Party of France (POI).] After the publication of the list of “reforms” that the Greek government forwarded to the creditors of Greece — and that were “validated” by them — […]

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Socialist Organizer Southern Indiana Branch Endorsement of the IU Strike

The Southern Indiana Branch of Socialist Organizer, the United States section of the Fourth International, stands in complete solidarity with the students, teachers and staff of Indiana University in support of the IU-system wide strike scheduled for April 11-12. Our members stand together in solidarity with our fellow comrades of the Industrial Workers of the […]

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From the US and Spain: A Call to All to Defend Public Education!

  More than a decade of cuts, mass layoffs, and dwindling financial aid have decimated public education systems all over the world. The gains of decades of struggle aimed at making public education accessible to all have been erased in a matter of years. The results are public universities so expensive and inaccessible that education […]

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Video – From Spain to Greece: Revolutionary Crisis Across Europe Today

Daniel Gluckstein, National Secretary, Independent Workers Party (POI) of France was the featured speaker at an August 25 event in San Francisco sponsored by Socialist Organizer. Video is now posted online.

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Unity Between Students, Workers and Their Organizations Is Needed to Defeat Calif. Gov. Brown’s Austerity Budget!

The upsurge in the student movement witnessed by the whole country this last six months, with the Occupy movement in Berkeley and Davis, the repeated shut downs of the Port of Oakland, and the occupation of the state capitol, has changed the terms of debate on budget cuts in demanding that the rich and the […]

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Portugal Manifiesto a los trabajadores y al pueblo portugués ¡No, Portugal no va a desaparecer!

Los trabajadores y el pueblo portugueses no aceptarán el plan vergonzoso que quieren imponerle el FMI, la Unión Europea, el Banco Central Europeo y los fondos especulativos que representan. No aceptarán este insulto a su historia, este golpe de garrote contra el futuro de la población trabajadora y de la nación portuguesa.

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Portugal ante el abismo

Hace una semana, el parlamento portugués (Asamblea de la República) rechazaba el plan de austeridad (Programa de Estabilidad y Crecimiento, PEC) propuesto por el primer ministro del gobierno, el “socialista” Sócrates. Este PEC, el cuarto que sufriría Portugal en dos años, venía dictado directamente por la Unión Europea, y exigía nuevos recortes y nuevos sacrificios para los trabajadores portugueses.

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