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Open Letter to Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa

By david

Since mid-September, threats have been made in South Africa against well-known political figures of your country — especially against Julius Malema, former leader of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL); Anglican bishop Johannes Seoka, who participated in every battle against the apartheid regime and helped to organise the workers in trade unions; and Tiyani Lybon Mabasa, President of the Socialist Party of Azania (SOPA) and one of those who joined Steve Biko after the founding of the Black Consciousness Movement.

One particular text is being circulated in the discussion forum of the Communist University, titled “Seoka, Malema, and the Marikana murder-market”. It refers by name to the three above-mentioned public figures, accusing them of being among those who supposedly are using the miners’ dead bodies to “fuel” a “mouth-piece market” and of being “gangsters . . . who are almost faceless to outsiders”.

It is clear to anyone that such a call amounts to a call for murder.

These public figures are known for having visited the Marikana mine during the strike. They are known for having condemned the massacre of 34 strikers by the police on 16 August 2012, and for their public support for the demands of the strikers and their union, both during the strike and the negotiations.

Whatever opinion one may have of these public figures and their respective views, we hereby declare that such terror methods would discredit any state that could tolerate them while claiming to respect democratic freedoms.

We activists of the international democratic labour movement — and let us repeat ourselves, whatever opinion one may have of those public figures, their views and the current events — declare that the government which you head must assume its responsibilities and guarantee their safety.

This is why we solemnly call on you:

Put an immediate end to the threats against Julius Malema, Johannes Seoka and Tiyani Lybon Mabasa!

We call on the international labour and democratic rights movements to address this demand to the embassies and consulates of the Republic of South Africa in every country.

— October 12, 2012

– – – – –

Updated List of Endorsers (as of Oct. 25, 2012) of the Open Letter to Jacob Zuma:

From the United States:

USA: Nancy Wohlforth, Vice President, California Federation of Labor (id. only), member, ILC Coordinating Committee; Alan Benjamin, Member, Executive Committee, San Francisco Labor Council, San Francisco, California (id. only), member of the ILC Coordinating Committee; Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Dignity, Atlanta, Georgia; Ashaki Binta, Field Org., United Electrical Workers (UE) Member, Black Workers for Justice, Raleigh, N.C.; Roy Walker, Pan-African Perspective, co-founder, Chicago, IL; Dick Gregory, Washington, D.C.; Saladin Muhammad, Member of Black Workers For Justice, Rocky Mount, N.C.; Chris Silvera, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 808, Long Island City, New York; Donna S. Dewitt,  South Carolina AFL-CIO, President Emeritus (for id only), Orangeburg, S.C.; David Josue, Dignity, Atlanta, Georgia; Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, Plainfield, New Jersey; Roseanne Barr, actress, El Segundo, CA; Colia Clark, Co-Coordinator, Haiti- Guadeloupe Campaign USA, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Nellie Hester, Black Agenda Report, Harlem, New York; Gene Bruskin, US Labor Against the War (for id. only), Washington, D.C.; Jack Heyman, Chair, Transport Workers Solidarity Committee, Oakland, California;John Kirkland, Carpenters Local 1462, personal capacity, Bristol, Pennsylvania; John W. Braxton, Co-President, American Federation of Teachers Local 2026, (personal capacity), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Dr. Suzanne Ross, International Spokesperson for International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal; Riverside Church Prison Ministry, New York, NY; Ralph Poynter, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Rev. Freddie Pinkney, Benton Harbor, MI; Warren Davis, AFGE Local 2006, EVP Retired, id only, Philadelphia, Pa.; Betty Davis, Brooklyn, New York; Robert Irminger, Inlandboatmen’s Union ILWU Chair, SF Region, id. only, San Francisco, CA; Richard Rogers, Corresponding Secretary of Philadelphia IWW, Philadelphia, PA;Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at, Past National Co-Chair, National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA), Oakland, CA; Julian Kunnie, Prof. Afrikana Studies, Tucson, Arizona; Donald L. Hassig, Colton, New York; Larry Pinkney, Editorial Board Member & Columnist THE BLACK COMMENTATOR & Associate Editor INTREPID REPORT; Ruth Ruttenberg, National Labor College, Northfield, VT; Lenni Brenner, Author, Hamden, Connecticut; Ralph Schoenman, Producer, Taking Aim, Vallejo, California; Mya Shone, Producer, Taking Aim, Vallejo, California; Kathy Black, President, Philadelphia CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women); Carl Finamore, delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO, from Air Transport Employees, Local Lodge 1781, IAMAW; Andy Griggs, labor antiwar activist, Los Angeles, Calif.; Charles R. Powell, Veterans For Peace, Donald & Sally-Alice Thompson Chapter, Albuquerque, NM; Olivia Lichterman, Socialist Organizer, Students for a Democratic University, Berkeley, Calif.;Andrew Wagner, Pittsburgh, PA; Conny Ford, Secretary-Treasurer, OPEIU Local 3 (for id. only), San Francisco, CA;Valerie Van Isler, New York; William Johnson, New York;Pamela Timmins, New York City, New York; Nauman Siddiqi, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, NYC; Marc L Rich, United Teachers Los Angeles — Human Rights Committee, Los Angeles, California; Arlene Eisen, San Francisco, California; Al Rojas, Frente De Mexicanos En El Exterior, Sacramento, California;Judith Ackerman, NYC, NY; Dennis Gallie, Trade unionist, Kansas City, MO; Paul Duncan, Crete, Illinois; Daniella Liebling, Brooklyn, New York; Sheik Abd al-Rahman al-Nelson, Saint Louis, Missouri; Carole Seligman, Co-Editor, Socialist Viewpoint, San Francisco, CA; Bill Leumer, Former President, International Association of Machinists Local 565, San Francisco, California; Susan J. Anthony, San Francisco, CA; Sarah Klepner, Red Bank, New Jersey; CT Weber, Chairperson, Peace and Freedom Party, Sacramento, California; Jerry Gordon, Secretary, Emergency Labor Network, (personal capacity), Cleveland, Ohio;Traven Leyshon, Secretary-Treasurer, Vermont, AFL-CIO (for id. only), Middlesex, VT; Georgia P. Williams, Fresno, CA; Larry Duncan, Co-Producer, Labor Beat, Chicago, Illinois; Dan Kaplan, Executive Secretary, AFT Local 1493, San Mateo, California;Joseph Blanc, Philadelphia, PA; Dr. Laurence H. Shoup, Oakland CA; Eduardo Rosario, Open World Conference Continuations Committee, Co-Coordinator Brooklyn, NY; Bruce Wolf, Trade Unionist, Takoma Park, MD; Tiahmo Rauf, National Action Network midwest coordinator; Mary Adams, RN, MPH / Rochester City School District, School Board Commissioner, NY; Tim Stinson, activist, Albany, OR; Justin Harrison, Unit 1 President: CWA Local 13000, ID Only, Philadelphia, PA; Jim Hamilton, member Exec Board AFT Missouri, Vice Chairperson AFT Local 420 Retiree Chapter, id. only, St. Louis, Missouri; L.A. Murphy, activist, Philadelphia, Pa.; Wayne Ritz, activist, Philadelphia, Pa.; Paul Prescod, Student Labor Action Project (SLAP), id only, Philadelphia, Pa.; Diana Bohn, AFT, Berkeley, CA; Hal Sutton, trade unionist, Rockton, IL; Margarita Padin, Carpenters Local 8, id only, Philadelphia, Pa.; Salvatore Mastriano, Phila. Federation of Teachers Retirement Chapter, Philadelphia, Pa.; Ginny Spernoga, RN, St. Louis, Missouri;

From Around the World:

Afghanistan: Nasir Loyand, Responsible for Foreign Relations, Left Radical of Afghanisan (LRA).

Algeria: Louisa Hanoune, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party, coordinator of the International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples; Lemti Zitouni, General Secretary of the African Organisation of mines, energy, chemistry and related trade unions OASMECA; Mohamed Bekai, General Secretary of the national federation of mine- and related workers FNTMA-UGTA;Rahima Benbessa, Member of Parliament and trade unionist, member of the national federation of public works workers (UGTA); Nadia Chouitem, Member of Parliament and trade unionist, CEN-UGTA national Executive committee member .

Argentina: Pablo Micheli, General Secretary of the Workers Confederation of Argentina (CTA).

Belgium: Antoine Ruggieri, Retired metal worker FGTB; Jean-Maurice DEHOUSSE, former minister; Philippe Massenaux, FGTB member; Marc Goblet, president of the FGTB Federation Liège-Huy-Waremme; Kerckhove Marc;

Benin: Innocent Assogba, trade unionist.

Brazil: Iole Ilíada, International relation secretary of the Workers Party (PT); Milton Barbosa, leader of the Unified Black Movement (MNU); Adriano Diogo, PT state deputy, chair of the Human Right Commission of the Sao Paulo legislative assembly;Julio Turra, member of the CUT executive leadership; Joao Felicio, International Relations Director, CUT; Shakespeare Martins de Jesus, CUT Executive leadership member; Claudio G. Fernandes, Recife, Pernambuco ;

Burkina Faso: Richard Tiendrebeogo, First deputy general secretary of the CGT-B

Burundi: Chantal Nahishubije, President of the Free Trade Union of Burundi Teachers SLEB; Paul Nkunzimana, president of the Party of workers and democracy; Tharcisse Gahungu, president of the Federation of Trade Unions of Burundi COSYBU

Chad: Gabriel Bétoloum, Deputy General secretary of the Chad Teachers Union (SET)

Canada: Mark Connery, militant for social justice, Toronto; Peter Reid, union representative CEP Local Union 525G, Vancouver;Mitayo Potosi, Toronto; B. Ross Ashley, St. Paul’s New Democratic Party, Toronto (in personal capacity);

Côte d’Ivoire: Pr Mamadou Ouattara, senior lecturer, General Secretary of the National Coordination of Côte d’Ivoire University Teachers and Researchers (CNEC); Zran Senan Flan, national secretary of the FESACI (Fédération des Syndicats autonomes de Côté d’Ivoire)

Cuba: Partido Socialista Revolucionario de Cuba;

Denmark: Anton Schou, teacher, Aalborg;

Dominican Republic: Evelio Santos;

France: Daniel Gluckstein, National Secretary of the Independent Workers’ Party, coordinator of the International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples; Marc Blondel, trade unionist; Patrick Hébert, trade unionist; Pascal Samouth, trade unionist; Gérard Schivardi, Mayor of Mailhac, National Secretary of the POI; Jean Markun, trade unionist, mine worker; Jean-Jacques Karman, member of the national committee of the Communist Party, general councillor of Seine Saint-Denis; Daniel Jeanin, mayor of Montenois; Arsène Schmitt, trade union officer of the trans-border workers of Moselle; Geneviève Marchal, trade union officer of the widows and wives of iron mine-workers of Lorraine; Jean-Jacques Marie, historian, Chair International Committee Against Repression; Jean-Claude Monsel, trade union officer –  iron mines; Giuseppe Durelli, trade unionist DCNS Toulon; Clément Jehan, trade unionist state employees;Franck Servel, trade unionist, Toulon military dockyards; Céline Lenormand, teacher trade unionist; Paul Barbier, teacher trade unionist; Gérard Chauvat, FCP militant; Victoria Melgar-Gady, human rights activist; Sandrine Fourcher-Michelin, trade unionist; Alain Laurent, trade unionist; Roland Mirguet, trade unionist; Franck Stempfler, trade unionist; Christian Cadier, trade unionist; José Nicol, postal worker trade unionist; Didier Fouché, Mayor of Soulitré; Dominique Gros, lawyer; Elsa Forey, public law lecturer; Philippe Icard, public law senior lecturer; Bernard Noël, writer, honorary chairman of the international poetry biennal; Saïd Nourine, teacher, translater;Michel Auguste, actor; Pierre Picarreta, Trade unionistCaterpillar; Marc Riffaud, Communist Local councillor Haute-Vienne; Michel Deguy, Writer, Honorary Chairman of the Maison des Ecrivains – writer centre; Christian Joly, Former international level sportsman, trade unionist; Marc Hébert, Trade union official (Finistère); Roger Calvez, trade unionist; Jean-Pierre Plisson, photographer; Jean-Paul Auxemery, writer, translator; Claude Lassare, pensioner, democrat; Dominique Guffroy,trade unionist, teacher; Jean Claude Faivre, trade unionist teacher; Pierre Roy, Chairman of the National Secular Federation of Pacifist and Republican Monuments; Raphaël Porteilla, trade unionist, Senior lecturer in Political Sciences;Michèle Vincent, doctor, political and secular activist; Serge Bloch, trade union official for pensioners; Claude Dubois, trade unionist; Maurice Vial, trade unionist pensioner; Lysia-Monique Ménard, teacher; Lydia Dubucq, pensioner, former trade unionist; Christian Florentin, trade unionist; Renée Laurent, trade unionist; Francine Truong, trade unionist; Pierre Garino, trade unionist; Catherine Rossignuolo, trade unionist; Jean Marc Bourcier, teacher; Olivier Robieu, political activist; Arlette Poli, political activist; Roland Brun, trade unionist; Stéphane Cadier; Marie Pierre David, , trade unionist; Olivier Saussac, , trade unionist; Philippe Vidal, trade unionist, hospital worker;Alain Di Scala, , trade unionist, hospital worker; Chantal Urbaniak, trade unionist; Pierre Vallin, musician; Pierre Brossard;Martine Salagnac, trade unionist;

Germany: Rainer Döring (Chair ver.di Shop Stewards committee transport Berlin Landesbezirksvorstand Berlin, Vorsitzender Vertrauensleuteleitung der Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe), Gotthard Krupp Berlin SPD Workers Commission executive member, ver.di Berlin); Harald Korsawe (shop-steward, ver.di); Christian Hüben(ver.di, doctor); Christophe Hassenforder (chair workers’ council, IGM); Paul Paternoga (IGM, former chair workers’ council); Matthias Cornely (chair workers’ council IGM); Dirk Weiß (chair workers’ council, IGBCE); Uli Kissels (SPD, member of Ortsvereinsvorstand); Kerstin Bunz (ver.di, shop-steward);Eva Gürster (ver.di, regional executive member of the health sector in NRW); Henning Frey (GEW, SPD); Heinz-Werner Schuster, Secretary of the Labour Commission of the SPD Düsseldorf; Beate Sieweke, deputy Secretary of the Labour Commission of the SPD Düsseldorf;

Great Britain: Elaine.Smith, Labour Member of Scottish Parliament; Professor Bill Bowring, Barrister, Director of the LLM/MA in Human Rights School of Law Birkbeck, University of London; Jane Doolan, Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON; Mike Calvert, Deputy Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON; Nick Phillips Chair Southwark TUC (pers cap); Helen Peters, teacher trade unionist; David Halpin, retired surgeon;

Guadeloupe: Elie Domota, General Secretary of the General Union of Guadeloupe Workers, UGTG

Haïti: Fignolé St-Cyr, General Secretary of the Autonomous Central of Haitian Workers (CATH); Josué Mérilien, General Secretary of the Public and Private Sector Workers Federation.

Hungary: Professor Tamàs Krausz, University ELTE;  lbert Ivan, Szikra (workers’ magazine); Anyiszonyan Klara, activist at Munkàs Hirlap (workers’ bulletin); Hajek Csaba, Rajtunk Múlik!-Munkásszövetség (workers’ alliance) Szikra (workers’ magazine);Somi Judit, activist at Munkàs Hirlap (workers’ bulletin); Laszlo Asztalos, metal trade unionist (pers.cap.); G. M. Tamás, philosopher;

India: Nambiath Vasudevan, Convenor, Trade Union Solidarity Committee, Mumbai

Italy: Lorenzo Varaldo, UIL-school Turin executive committee member; Luigi Brandellero, employee, “Committee for the creation of an Independent Workers’ Party”; Alessandra Cigna, teacher, RSU CGIL- Scuola, Turin; Ugo Croce, Tribuna Libera editorial board; Coppelia Gaete, trade unionist, public sector worker, CGIL-Turin; Dario Granaglia, employee, member of the managing board of FILCTEM-CGIL, Turin; Daniele Grego, teacher, RSU CISL, Turin; Monica Grilli, teacher, RSU CGIL, Turin; Gianni Guglieri, employee, RSU UIL-Chimici, Turin;Andrea Monasterolo, RSU FILTCEM-CGIL, Cuneo; Elisabetta Raineri, teacher, “Committee for the creation of an Independent Workers’ Party”; Vanna Ventre, teacher, Tribuna Libera editorial board; Beniamino Vicino,headmaster UIL-school Turin;

Kenya: Erick Ochieng Otieno, Secretary General Kenya Union of Socialist Youth (KUSY). Stella N. Wakesho, KUSY President.Harrison Kanyi, KUSY VP. Head-Students of Maseno University Chapters. Alfred D. Olwanda, KUSY CM. Head-World Youth Parliament Capter. Juma M. Mwakupha, KUSY VP. Head-Ajira Youth Bunge. Bakari A. Mwakibanda, KUSY-AYB Organizing Sec. Beatrice A. Kibera, KUSY Council Member. Denise Leilah, KUSY Vice President. Agnes Mali, KUSY Council Member.Steve Oke Ogendo KUSY Council Member. Saida Stacy Chepkemoi, KUSY Council Member;

Lebanon: Khadidje El Husaini, Chairperson of the Committee of Arab women workers – Lebanon; Mouhamad Hachicho, Member of the general secretariat of the Popular Democratic party; Affif Wehbe, Member of the general secretariat of the Popular Democratic party; Ali Mehieddine, General Secretary of the Trade Union Federation of Transports; Abdallah Khaled, General secretary of the Democratic dialogue Association; Linda Mattar, Former chairperson of the Lebanese Women’ Rights League;Ahlam Beydoun, Professor at the University of Lebanon – Law college; Mariam Hamoud, General Secretariat of the Committee of Arab women workers – Lebanon; Youssef Hajj Hassan, engineer; Mali: Baba Dao, General Secretary of the E.D.M sa/ SYNACOME Union;

Martinique: Garcin Malsa, Mayor, General councillor of Sainte Anne Town; Jacqueline Petitot, teacher, trade unionist.

Mauritania: Kane Moktar, General Secretary USLM; Sidi o/ Ahmed o/ Boye, Deputy General Secretary USLM; Abdoul Wahab official USLM; Mme Hadiarata Ba, USLM; Mme Rokaya Mt Ely, USLM; Hassen o/ Boussata, Regional delegate USLM Zoueratt; Ba Oumar, Regional Delegate NDB; Barry Abdallahi, Official in charge of outside relations USLM; MmeTabara Ba,USLM.

Mexico: Agustín Rodríguez Fuentes, General Secretary of the Mexico National University Workers Union (STUNAM); Alberto Pulido Aranda, STUNAM press and propaganda Secretary;Ernesto Ortiz Cruz, academic work and conflicts Secretary; Juan Carlos Trejo, Shop-steward, underground cables, workshop branch, Mexico Electrical Workers Union (SME); Edgar Hernández Trujano, Deputy shop steward, SME; Raúl Luna Rivero, Press and Propaganda Secretary of the Executive Committee of the IEMS workers’ Union; Héctor Saldaña, Department General Secretary, Section 22 SNTE-CNTE, Oaxaca;Ignacio Gastélum, Political Education Secretary, Pensionners’ Department, section 2, SNTE; Roberto Alcaraz López, Ideological Formation Secretary, IPN-ESE-SNTE-Section 10 Department; Alejandro Hernández Núñez, Economy student, Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN); Wendoline Zamora Quiroz, Student ESE- IPN; Alberto Screiber Pastrana, Lecturer ESE-IPN; Juan Cano Torres, Employee IPN; Joel Guerra Castañeda, Lecturer ESE-IPN; Pedro Antonio Alávez, Lecturer ESE-IPN; Víctor Fuentes Ruiz, Lecturer ESE IPN; Francisco J. Mendoza Altamirano, Lecturer ESE-IPN; Ana Vázquez Nicolás, Lecturer ESE- IPN; Álvaro Mendoza Rodríguez,Lecturer ESE-IPN, Mario Contreras Aguilar, Lecturer ESE-IPN; Humberto Martínez Brizuela and Luis Vázquez Villalobos, Members of the national Executive Committee of the Political Organisation of the People and Workers (OPT); Rosa María Becerril Quiroz; Secretary of the culture department of the Workers’ Union EMS (SUTIEMS);

Pakistan: Osama Tariq, Deputy General Secretary, Pakistan Workers Confederation; Jamil Rubina, General Secretary, All Pakistan Trade Union Federation; Fazal-e-Wahid (Workshop), General Secretary, Railway Workers Union; Fareed Awan, General Secretary, APTUF-Sind; Rao Nasim, General Secretary, Railway Workers Union (Openline); Muhammad Ashfaq, General Secretary, APTUF-NWFP; Muhammad Ilyas, Joint Secretary, Workers Union Nisar art Press; Nasir Gulzar, Chairman, All Pakistan Trade Union Federation; Yasir Gulzar, Secretary Information APTUF; Haroon Younas, President, Progressive Youth Organization; Atia Nasir, Joint Secretary, Progressive Youth Organization; Sajida Karamat, Member Progressive Youth Organization; Rashed Rahman, Editor of Daily Times; Khurshid Ahmed, Pakistan Workers Confederation;

Palestine: Salah Salah, member of Palestine National Council (pers cap).

Peru: Erwin Salazar Vasquez, defence counsel secretary, CGTP Lambayeque; Demetrio Ruiz Riios, General Secretary, Federation of Sugar Industry workers of Peru; Jorge Pena Moquillazo, General Secretary, Unified Union of the National Bank employees; Leopoldo Ortiz Centty,General Secretray, National Federation ENAPU workers; Segundo Peralta Garcia, General Secretary CGTP Lambayeque; Ricardo Juárez, General Secretary of the national federation of Peru’s mine, steel and iron workers FNTMMSP; Bernardo Meléndrez, General Secretary of the national federation of Peru university staff workers FENTUP;Wínston Huáman, General Secretary of the multi-sector state employees CITE; Luis Díaz Castillo, General Secretary of Peru University teachers union – SINDESP; Bethman Quevedo, General Secretary of the national united federation of healthcare workers; Rolando Condori, Secretary for ecology and environment of the national federation of tap water distribution workers; the leaders of FENTENAPU – national federation of ENAPU workers (ports and harbours);

Philippines: Randy Miranda, Deputy General Secretary, Workers’ Party;

Portugal: Carmelinda Pereira, leader of the Workers’ Party of Socialist Unity (POUS); Aires Rodrigues, former socialist Member of the Constituent Assembly; Ana Sofia Cortes, Shop steward of the Public Sector Workers’ Union (CGTP); Eduardo Fidalgo (in personal capacity), leader of Movimento Oeiras Vive (MOV); Joaquim Pagarete (in personal capacity), member of the coordination of retired teachers of the SPGL and of the leadership of IR-USL (CGTP); Maria Isabel Pires (in personal capacity), leading official of SPGL (CGTP); António Chora (in personal capacity), coordinator of the Workers’ Commission of Volkswagen-Autoeuropa; António Avelãs (in personal capacity), President of the leadership of SPGL (CGTP); José Baião, former member of the Workers commission of TAP;

Romania: Constantin Cretan, mine-worker trade unionist, was arrested and jailed for trade union activities; Ilie Miu, President of the federation of car-making industry unions; Marin Trusca, co-chair of the Communist League of Romania; Marian Tudor, chair Association for the emancipation of workers; Viorel Vlad, deputy-chair  “University Solidarity” Union – Craiova university; Gheorghi Zbaganu, lecturer, member of the Romanian Academy;

Russia: Anton Vechkunine, trade unionist; Mark Vassilev, historian.

Senegal: Bayla Sow, trade unionist;

Slovakia Jan Tesar, former founding member (1979) of the Committee for the protection of people unjustly indicted in Czechoslovakia;

Spain: Jordi Salvador Duch, Secretary UGT Tarragona; Luis Gonzalez, member of the national federal committee of the labour Commissions (CCOO); UPTA-UGT of the Basque Country;

Sweden: Marcus Carlstedt, teacher trade unionist; Nima Djohari Taimori, militant of the Social Democratic Youth (SSU);Eddie Bazira, militant of the Social Democratic Youth (SSU);Anders Vestman, Stockholm

Switzerland: Salima Moyard, socialist MP in the Geneva Great Council; Apolline, SY member, UNIA member; Jeremy Jaussi, Local Councillor, Green Party; Ali Korkmaz, Industrial worker, trade unionist; Vincent Leggero, Trade unionist, Geneva transports; Christian Lopez Quirland, SP Municipal Councillor, Manager Geneva OSEO; Silvia Machado, Municipal Councillor Geneva City; Arnaud Moreillon, General Secretary of the Geneva Socialist Party; Pierre Alain Recordon, Trade unionist, Chair of the Swiss Nestlé shop stewards; Aline Robert, OSEO, public services trade unionist; Celio Rodrigues, Pharma trade unionist; Eric Voruz, Member of the Swiss Federal Assembly (Swiss National Councillor); Valérie Borloz Schaller, cantonal Secretary of the Trade Union Association, Vaud canton USV;

Togo: Tetevi Norbert Gbikpi-Benissan, former General Secretary of UNSIT; Pierre Senouvo, General Secretary of the Federation of the teaching sector (FETREN/UNSIT); Brigitte Aguigah, Chairperson of the Committee of working women, Executive board UNSIT; Maguy Kifalang, chairperson Committee of working women, Executive board, General Union of free Unions (UGSL/Togo); Adjo Koulefionou, Human Rights activist, political activist Movement of workers for and independent political representation(MTRP/Togo); Jude Aleke, political activist, MTRP/Togo; Abdoulaye Idrissou, trade unionist, Executive bureau UNSIT;

Trinidad and Tobago: Ida Le Blanc, General secretary of the National Union of domestic Employees;

Tunisia:Sami Tahri, Deputy General secretary of the Tunisian General Union of Work (UGTT) in charge of information); Sana Farhat, member of the executive bureau of the general union of culture and information UGTT;

Turkey: Korkut Boratav, emeritus professor; Fikret Bakaya, professor, head of the Foundation of the Forum of Turkey and the Middle East at the Free University; Ozansü, Chair Party of Workers’ Brotherhood.

Zimbabwe: Kwanisai Mafa, Zimbabwe Pan Africanist Youth Agenda, Gweru;

* * * * * *


[   ]   I publicly endorse this appeal.

[   ]  I am willing to participate in a delegation to the South African Embassy or Consulate in my city / country to press for these demands.


UNION, ORGANISATION (list if for id. only):




[Fill out and return to and]

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