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Finding Labor’s Political Independence in Chicago

(All photos by Larry Duncan) [Revised August 17th, 2014] CHICAGO — Will Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis run for mayor, and will such a possible candidacy create a third party break with the Democrats in city government? Events leading up to these two questions go back at least four years. In December of 2010 […]

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Police Murder in Ferguson, Missouri March on Ferguson Is Needed to Demand Justice!

(Photo by St. LOUIS — Walking down the middle of the street in their home town of Ferguson, Missouri, Mike Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson were technically jaywalking. But in no way was a violent response, much less a police execution — which is what Brown’s father has called it — warranted. There […]

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The Attacks on Gaza by U.S.-Armed Israel and the Need to Build A United Front Against the Zionist Apartheid State of Israel

The Attacks on Gaza by U.S. Armed Israel and the Need to Build A United Front Against the Zionist Apartheid State of Israel – A Statement by Socialist Organizer, U.S. Section of the Fourth International The mobilization of solidarity activists and sections of the labor movement in the U.S. against the arrival of an Israeli […]

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Death and Devastation in Gaza: Defining the Cruel Reality and Preparing the Tasks Before Us

(Photo: What we are witnessing today in Gaza is not a war. The people of Gaza do not have an army. They have no air force. They have no anti-aircraft capacity. They have no means whatsoever of defense against air attack, missile attack, the systematic use of genocidal weapons such as white phosphorous, depleted […]

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GAZA – Emergency Dossier

  IN THIS ISSUE POSTING: a. Gaza: Barbarism in Full Swing, by François Lazar b. “We in the 1948 Territories Show Our Full Support and Solidarity with Our People in Gaza” – Interview with Thaer c. Interview with Palestine National Council (PNC) Member Salah Salah d. Declaration [on Gaza] of the General Union of Algerian […]

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80 Years Later: Commemorating The Teamsters’ Strikes of 1934

Presentation by Socialist Organizer Socialist Organizer, which was founded in 1991 in continuity with the best traditions of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and the Fourth International, decided at its inception to name its monthly newspaper after the strike newspaper published by the Minneapolis striking truck drivers in the spring and summer of 1934: The […]

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About the Current Situation in Palestine: Gaza Under the Bombs and the Threat of a Ground Invasion by the Israeli Army

[Photo by London Telegraph] [reprinted from Fourth International Newsletter No. 34 (new series - No. 305), July 15, 2014] The current situation in Palestine is a concentrated expression of the world political situation. The Middle East has been marked by a wave of dislocations (Iraq, Syria). The crisis of U.S. domination on a world scale […]

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Montreal Student Movement Convention Stresses Need for Student Unionism

“Growing international student movement with the perspective of struggle points the way forward in the fight for public education” Attacks on public education are taking place at an unprecedented level across the county, and much of the world. From school closures and standardized testing in K-12 education to skyrocketing tuition and student debt at the […]

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BRAZIL DOSSIER: The World Cup, FIFA and the Ongoing Fight for Workers’ Rights

[Note: The articles below, with the exception of the article on FIFA, have been reprinted from Issue No. 181 (June 20, 2014) of the ILC International Newsletter.]  Who Benefits from the Confusion? By Joao Alfredo Luna During the weeks leading up to the football [soccer in the U.S. -- Tr. Note] World Cup in Brazil, […]

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Obama: Grant Asylum to Immigrant Children — NOT Expedited Removal!

On July 9, President Obama revealed what he really wants from the $4 billion supplemental bill, which he claims is aimed at “easing the refugee crisis” brewing at the border. Tapping into the urgency of the crisis, Obama is trying to pass a bill that would essentially ask Congress to do what Republicans have wanted […]

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