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Defying the democrats: Marxists and the lost labor party of 1923

[This essay was originally posted at] September 10, 2014 By Eric Blanc (eblanc17 [at] Discussions on how to break working people from the hold of the Democratic Party have acquired a new immediacy as a result of the recent electoral victories of independent working-class candidates in Seattle, Washington, and Lorraine, Ohio, as well […]

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Continued Inroads on Palestinian Lands by Israeli State

[reprinted from Issue No. 318 (Sept. 10, 2014) of Informations Ouvrières (Labor News), the weekly newspaper of the Independent Workers Party of France. The translation is by The Organizer newspaper.]   Since the end of the Israeli bombings of Gaza in late August, the media have been silent on the situation facing the Palestinian people […]

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100 Years After World War I: Special Double Issue of La Vérité/The Truth

Dear Readers and Supporters of The Organizer Newspaper, We are proud to announce the publication of a Special Double Issue (No. 82, 688 Old Series) of La Vérité/The Truth, the theoretical magazine of the Fourth International. This Special Issue includes 11 articles on the meaning of 1914 and its lessons for today. We are including […]

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Important Fissures Develop in U.S. Labor Movement Over Israel’s Bombings and Blockade of Gaza

A new situation is developing in the U.S. labor movement in the aftermath of the U.S.-funded Israeli bombing and ground onslaught against Gaza and its people — an onslaught which to date has killed more than 2,000 Palestinians (largely women and children), left more than 9,500 severely injured, rendered up to 400,000 people homeless, and […]

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A HISTORIC BALANCE SHEET AND A CALL TO ACTION: Statement by the International Secretariat of the Fourth International on Palestine

26 August 2014 At a time when the workers and peoples of the whole world are gripped by the war of extermination being waged by Israel against the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza… At a time when the rights of the Palestinian people are being trampled upon, everybody is asking themselves the same question: Is […]

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Uprising of Black Youth in Aftermath of Police Killing in Ferguson, Missouri

Black youth in more than 50 cities across the United States have risen up to protest the August 9 killing by a white police officer of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Ferguson is not that different from other predominantly Black cities across the United States, where one Black youth is killed every 28 hours […]

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Finding Labor’s Political Independence in Chicago

(All photos by Larry Duncan) [Revised August 17th, 2014] CHICAGO — Will Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis run for mayor, and will such a possible candidacy create a third party break with the Democrats in city government? Events leading up to these two questions go back at least four years. In December of 2010 […]

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Police Murder in Ferguson, Missouri March on Ferguson Is Needed to Demand Justice!

(Photo by St. LOUIS — Walking down the middle of the street in their home town of Ferguson, Missouri, Mike Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson were technically jaywalking. But in no way was a violent response, much less a police execution — which is what Brown’s father has called it — warranted. There […]

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The Attacks on Gaza by U.S.-Armed Israel and the Need to Build A United Front Against the Zionist Apartheid State of Israel

The Attacks on Gaza by U.S. Armed Israel and the Need to Build A United Front Against the Zionist Apartheid State of Israel – A Statement by Socialist Organizer, U.S. Section of the Fourth International The mobilization of solidarity activists and sections of the labor movement in the U.S. against the arrival of an Israeli […]

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Death and Devastation in Gaza: Defining the Cruel Reality and Preparing the Tasks Before Us

(Photo: What we are witnessing today in Gaza is not a war. The people of Gaza do not have an army. They have no air force. They have no anti-aircraft capacity. They have no means whatsoever of defense against air attack, missile attack, the systematic use of genocidal weapons such as white phosphorous, depleted […]

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