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¿Qué significa la “normalización” de las relaciones diplomáticas entre los Estados Unidos y Cuba?

Por Alan Benjamin El 17 de diciembre de 2014, el presidente Barack Obama anunciaba la “normalización” de las relaciones diplomáticas con Cuba y el levantamiento de ciertas restricciones de las actividades personales, económicas y financieras impuestas por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos en enero de 1961, año en el que el bloqueo entró en […]

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Call Issued by the Haitian Coordinating Committee for the Withdrawal of UN-MINUSTAH Troops from Haiti

June 1, 2004 – June 1, 2015: 11 Years of Occupation, MINUSTAH Must Go! The coup-kidnapping of February 29, 2004 against constitutionally and democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide paved the way for the occupation of the first Black Republic in the world. On June 1, 2004 — that is, three months after the coup — […]

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(published in ILC International Newsletter No. 220 – April 10, 2015) Reprinted from O Trabalho, newspaper of the O Trabalho current in the Workers Party (PT) of Brazil “Let’s Go Back Out on the Streets the 7th of April and the 1st of May!” As our readers were able to see in our previous editions, […]

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Dossier on Israeli Elections and Palestinian Liberation

IN THIS MESSAGE: * State of Israel: Elections Marked by the Resistance of the Palestinian People — By F. Lazar * Meanwhile in Gaza . . . * Taher, a Palestinian Activist Living inside the “1948 Territories,” Presents His Point of View on the Israeli Elections * The Position of the Abna’a el-Balad Movement (Sons […]

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Endorsement of May 13th MOVE Bombing 30th Year Commemoration

Socialist Organizer would like to offer our endorsement of the May 13th MOVE Bombing 30th Year Commemoration to be held in Philadelphia. We urge the labor movement, antiwar forces and fighters against police brutality to support and participate in this important anniversary. On May 13, 1985, Philadelphia police attacked the home of the MOVE organization on Osage Avenue. Cops fired more […]

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Philadelphia: A History of Racism, Repression and Struggle

Philadelphia, PA was the first major city in what was to become the United States. Early on, the city’s Black population, both free and slave, was substantial. Escaped slaves came to Pennsylvania, seeing the state as a refuge from southern slaveholders having outlawed slavery in 1780. In the 100 years spanning 1790-1890, the Black population […]

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Finland 1906: The revolutionary roots of women’s suffrage — an International Women’s Day tribute

[originally published at] March 8, 2015 In 1906, Finland became the world’s first nation to grant full female suffrage.[1] This watershed achievement for women was won by Finnish socialists during the revolutionary upheaval that swept the Czarist empire to which Finland belonged. Yet this important history has been overlooked by both academics and activists. […]

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Socialists and Electoral Politics Today

For socialists, the issue of working class independence often takes center stage during elections. Socialists in recent months have been grappling with how to break the subordination of our class, and its organizations, to the Democratic Party, a party of the bosses. This subordination remains the main obstacle today to effectively resisting privatization, union busting, […]

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Christie’s Budget Address Brings More Pain

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in his February 2015 budget address, revealed his intent to inflict further benefit cuts on public employees. The day before his speech, a judge ordered Christie to pay $1.57 more into the pension fund — money he withheld last year in defiance of a 2011 agreement. Public sector unions had sued Christie to enforce their rights […]

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First Reactions Inside Greece to the “Reform Program” Approved by the Eurogroup

[Note: The following article is reprinted from Issue No. 341 (March 5, 2015) of Informations Ouvrières (Labor News), the weekly newspaper of the Independent Workers Party of France (POI).] After the publication of the list of “reforms” that the Greek government forwarded to the creditors of Greece — and that were “validated” by them — […]

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