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Socialist Organizer is devoted to challenging capital and power from the grassroots. Within today’s struggles for social justice we push for the unity and political independence of the workers, the oppressed, and their organizations, and mobilize around immediate and transitional demands aimed at advancing, step-by-step, their class consciousness and self-organization until the majority are won, through their experience in struggle, to the fight for a workers’ government.

We work locally, nationally and internationally on labor campaigns, immigrants’ rights, Black liberation and racial justice, anti-war initiatives and other efforts aimed at the overthrow of capitalism, the establishment of a workers’ government, and the creation of a worldwide socialist economy run democratically by and for working people.

Socialist Organizer’s Labor Campaigns

  • Defend and Expand Labor Rights! The U.S. does not have a deficit problem, it has a revenue problem, and progressive taxation of the wealthy — a hallmark of the U.S.’ highest periods of growth — is our response to the false cry of austerity. Learn more.
  • Fight for the Postal Service! The Post Office needs to be publicly owned and run in the public interest. Full resolution here.
  • The Labor Party Campaign. More here.

International Solidarity

Our campaigns need support from people like you.

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