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About Us

Socialist Organizer is a multi-racial, nation-wide organization active in struggles for workers’ rights, against racism, sexism, homophobia, and imperialist war, and in defense of the trade unions, public education and all gains won through the class struggle.

We fight for the independence of the working-class from the bosses and their twin parties, the Democrats and Republicans, and call for the formation of a mass Labor Party, based on the trade unions, and linked to the independent political expression of Blacks, Latinos, and all of the oppressed.

We are convinced that the root cause of the dramatic problems confronting humanity today is capitalism, an irrational, decaying system that is leading humanity to barbarism. A revolution to establish socialism — i.e. a real democracy based on providing for human needs, not private profit — is not only possible but necessary.

The central objective of Socialist Organizer is the overthrow of capitalism, the establishment of a workers’ government, and the creation of a worldwide socialist economy run democratically by and for working people.

The political strategy of Socialist Organizer and the Fourth International is the transitional method: Within today’s struggles for social justice we push for the unity and political independence of the workers, the oppressed, and their organizations, and mobilize around immediate and transitional demands aimed at advancing, step-by-step, their class consciousness and self-organization until the majority are won, through their experience in struggle, to the fight for a workers’ government.

Why Should You Join Socialist Organizer?

By learning our program and joining in Socialist Organizer, the U.S. section of the Fourth International, you can become a more effective activist today because instead of improvising, you’ll be basing your actions on the bedrock of past lessons of struggle. By organizing on a scientific, long-term perspective on how to win social justice, you can prevent yourself from succumbing to the demoralization caused by the inevitable ups and downs (and partial defeats) in the mass movement.

Socialist Organizer Branches

San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Cruz
Los Angeles

St. Louis
Kansas City

New York
New York City

Louisville Area/Southern Indiana



An organization like our own is also needed to help us as individuals see beyond the horizon of our direct experience. Individuals can see, by themselves, only a fragment of the national and international picture. For example, if you are a young immigrants rights activist, you probably have a good take on the state of the movement in your community, but it would be impossible for you on your own to have a clear vision of the statewide or national movement.

So what would you do if someone proposed a nationwide student strike against the ICE raids? If you were a member of our organization, you would discuss with all the Socialist Organizer immigrants rights activists throughout the country to get a sense of the overall movement and determine whether the call for a student strike would be realistic.

Our democratic centralist method in all struggles means our membership collectively decides on effective and realistic demands and then fights together for those demands in the mass struggle. This method has enabled us to have a big national impact, for example, in the antiwar movement, the trade union movement, and the movement for a Labor Party. Collective political action is always more productive than individual action. Individual actions are like a drop of rain in the ocean, but by joining together with like-minded activists you can make a huge impact.

Some people worry that they will “lose their individual freedom” by joining a revolutionary socialist organization. Nothing could be further from the truth. A democratically run socialist organization, where every member has an equal voice, should allow for personal expression and expand individual freedom — not stunt it. Your personal talents, whether in organizing, writing, art, theory, or whatever, will be a valuable and appreciated contribution.

Lend your talents now to revolutionary change!

We know that many people have real hesitations about joining a socialist organization. It is a major commitment. But it is not a sacrifice. What do you give up? Some time, energy, and a bit of money. But what do you get in return? For starters, a sense of purpose in life.

Faced with a society of violence and oppression, you are fighting back. Instead of submitting to the injustices — or easing your conscience by buying “fair trade” products or occasionally attending a protest — you doing everything you can to create a world of peace, justice and solidarity.

In the words of James P. Cannon, “To work for that future is the most important, the most inspiring, and the most satisfying occupation of all.” We encourage you to join us in this historic struggle.

The fate of humanity is at stake. In the 21st century, revolutionary situations are going to arise at home and abroad because capitalism is a self-destructing system that can only create more misery, more hunger, and more war.

But will the upcoming revolutions meet the same tragic fate as most of those in the 20th century? Will society go forward to socialism or backwards to chaos and collapse? The answer largely depends on if we can build the revolutionary organization we need in time. It depends on people like you.

JOIN SOCIALIST ORGANIZERJoin Socialist Organizer and make a difference for freedom, equality and social change.

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